Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you called Trybz?

Trybz (pronounced Tribes) gets to the heart of what associations are- gatherings of people who are working to be better together than they are apart. Our job, and what we are passionate about, is to help associations gather and grow in a new way. We want you to carve out a spot in the new world and we are here to make it a simple and affordable process.

Can you provide a summary of the Trybz business?

This platform has been on the cards for at least two years however it was November 2019 when we first assembled the team and begun work in earnest on building Trybz as it is today. In April 2020 we launched our early test version as the Answers Platform and in August 2020 we launched our first customer version. Our longer-term goal is to disrupt the association technology market by building Trybz into a true SaaS model – which means being able to provide a solution to the wider association industry. Each client has their own custom version of the platform built to suit their needs. This is so we can understand all the different scenarios and options that different associations require so we can make these configurable options for future clients. We are also committed to developing the tools, workshops, and processes that enable clients to build and maintain their communities effectively. We have a very clear philosophy for building new features and functions based on our target audience but with a level of flexibility other platforms cannot provide.

I spend all my time trying to keep my association going, will it be easy to implement?

Our model includes full support as you go through the journey of creating your own online platform. Our timeline can be scheduled to suit you, and we offer ongoing personalised support to take away the hassle and frustration that comes with new technology. Our platform is designed specifically with the needs of the association in mind, which means we have made this process as painless, time saving and intuitive as possible so you can easily adapt Trybz into your current structure.

What are the most significant reasons platforms are successful?

I would suggest this comes down to organisational strategy. An online community is not a “quick win” it is a long term investment to build a thriving community and so the correct strategy from the top down makes the biggest different between success and failure, technology is just the tool to facilitate a great strategy building a thriving community.

Our budget has been affected by COVID-19, why should we allocate funds to a new project at this time?

Our model includes passive revenue streams that are generated from the moment your platform is live. This means that not only are you ensuring the long-term survival of your association in an increasingly virtual world, but you can also create an immediate financial buffer to help with the impact of COVID-19. Talk to us today about our revenue generation calculator to see how much Trybz could make for your association.

What is the timing to roll out the platform after signing the contract?

From a technical perspective, 4 to 6 weeks. Although this depends on how quickly you can provide the information required to setup the platform and whether you’re looking to integrate with your existing systems. Once its live, we suggest allowing 1 to 2 weeks for your staff to familiarise themselves with the platform and populate information into your community before you live launch to your members, suppliers, and sponsors.

Is there a company and an individual sign up (so a large organisation can pay for so many log-ins vs an individual payment)?

Yes! We have built the ability for both corporate and personal memberships on the platform. With corporate memberships you can set a limit to how many staff members they are allowed. Corporate memberships also come with a “my company” page for them to manage their membership across their organisation

We would like to give our members access through their membership fees. We are happy for others to join but want to limit access to member-only groups. Is this possible?

Yes! We have built all of our services around the idea that they can be for either members or not and you can limit all content to which type of user you want to be able to see it.

I have a website already. Do I have to get rid of it to use my own Trybz platform?

It’s up to you. Trybz is a full feature experience so, it can replace and centralise your online presence, allowing you more data and control than a traditional website. It can also run concurrently with your existing website and database.

Can members access the platform through a single sign in function via our website?

Yes! This feature is available for this purpose and is an additional investment to integrate with your system.

Can we sync the Cart feature to our online store and vice versa?

It is certainly possible and just depends if your current provider lets us, but from our perspective it isn’t an issue. Tell us what you’re using, and we can confirm this for you.

The platform will store a lot of member data. What is the security like?

We have a number security features on the platform such as SSL and encrypted data in the database. The entire software is written with industry standard security measures. We’ve also implemented two-factor authentication for users who want to opt-in (although this could be required if you like). We are very sensitive to what data we store on our servers and the encryption used so more than happy to talk to the IT team about These days you aren’t allowed to integrate with other systems without meeting some strict standards so we are confident that we’ll pass any test.

Can members sell products through the site?

Yes! This is built into all versions of Trybz. Your members can post their own products for sale and your organisation makes a commission on any transactions through the site.

How does advertising work?

Our advertising system allows you to create advertising agreements with your sponsors and supporters and display them on the site. The platform doesn’t contain any monetisation of this feature, meaning you can set your own rates/duration/saturation for ads. We have 7 “ad spaces” on the site that you can utilise, corresponding to the 7 member services (groups, events, products, resources, videos, jobs, suppliers). For the ad’s themselves, we have no pre-described sizes or formats, you can add dynamic video/animation ads or just images/text, it’s up to you.

How do we link our webinars?

We have integrated with Zoom so you can connect your zoom account and launch your meetings and webinars directly inside the platform.

Have a different question?

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