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Online Community Resources

As we continue to build ur software and work with Associations on growing their communities we’ve put together this list of great resources you might find helpful to building your onw community:


CMX – Join over 12,000 readers who get the top community strategy resources in their inbox every week.

Uncommunity – A Curated Directory Of Tools And Resources To Build Internet Communities Get expert interviews and curated tips on community building.

The Community Roundtable 


FeverBee – We can develop your community strategy, manage your community, train your staff, and create a world-class community experience for your members. 

Australian Community Managers – The professional network for online community practitioners. 

Venessa Paech (Australia’s leading online communities’ specialist) – PeerSense helps leaders and organisations understand and harness the power of online communities to meet and exceed their goals. Services include consultation, training and coaching on online communities and online community management practices. LinkedIn: 


Community ROI Calculator – Use this online community ROI calculator to give you a glimpse into the ROI of your online community, using the value of an answer as a key input. 

The Community Manager Handbook – 20 Lessons from Community Superheroes, is available as a free download. 

Online community management and social media resources – Free social media and online community management resources to help you plan, create and manage healthy communities. 

Online Community Strategy Template – 

6 Strategic Plan Templates for Online Communities 

Community Management Calendar

Online Community Launch Checklist – Use this template to help you track the tasks associated with your online community launch. 


Australian Community Managers 2020 Survey Results – The annual ACM Survey is the only benchmarking data captured about online community professionals in the APAC region. 

The State of Community Management 2021 – Industry-leading research that provides a critical information source for community decision-makers, who use it to support their business cases and inform their annual strategic planning. 

The State of Community Management 2020 – Online communities and digital engagement took on dramatic new relevance. We have made considerable progress in translating the generative business model of communities into financial benchmarks, which are critical for organizations as they consider using community approaches to transform their organizations. We can now communicate the generative creation of value in financial terms.