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Trybz vs Facebook Groups

Members of associations are looking for new ways to engage and talk with each other. For years Facebook Groups have provided associations with this ability. Facebook Groups’ popularity has declined recently, with growing concerns over privacy concerns. This, and the level of control Facebook has over their groups. These concerns have associations looking for new platforms for their communities.

Why Facebook Groups are Losing Popularity

Recent news revealed Facebook’s ability to cull groups on their platform without notice. This is to take down any groups that are spreading harmful content or misinformation. The reality is that Facebook has the final say over the security of your online groups. For associations that are looking to grow and nurture online groups, this is not a risk worth taking.

To make it worse, personal privacy on Facebook is no guarantee. Your information is up for sale to advertisers at any time. Facebook advertisers use these groups as a piece of data to target their ads. Plus, Facebook uses its data collection tools across the web. This means if you like or share a website through Facebook they can store away that data for any company to make use of.

For many their privacy is too valuable to put at risk on Facebook. This is part of the reason why Facebook groups aren’t a viable option. On Facebook the line between public and private is often too blurred. Plus, there’s no clear line in what data stays yours and what Facebook takes for advertisers.

The Pros of Trybz

Trybz was built by associations, for associations. It offers all the tools and support necessary to build a community of engaged members. Trybz grants members the agency to look after their own groups. But it also promises the security that none of their personal information is for sale.

Trybz adheres to Australian Privacy rules. When you delete your account, all your information is also deleted from our database. Facebook doesn’t have to follow these same laws. This means they can choose to do what it likes with the information it has whenever it wants.

Trybz also values being transparent about what is public and private on the platform. There isn’t a financial incentive to have people find their way to each other.  Instead, Trybz cares only about associations deepening the relationships they have with members. And we do this by giving them the tools to create the best communities possible.

Trybz is a platform that facilitates connections between members of associations. With Trybz you can build lasting tribes that help strengthen relationships.